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Born in Kota Kinabalu and raised in Sipitang and Tenom, the Sino-Kadazan childhood interest in art matured into a love of comics by his early twenties. He started out putting his keen observation skills and humour to use as a cartoonist and created #kendylife.

Exposure to Southeast Asia’s art style had a significant influence on the young artist and directed the course of combining the natural elements of simplicity and doodle art into his works. His artworks take you into the realm of realistic fantasy, often out of the normal realm yet familiar in space. Having dedicated himself to the artform for the last decade and counting, Kendrick continues to challenge himself creatively by approaching each doodle and webcomic as an opportunity to try something new.

Currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, he also spent years in the property industry as a digital marketing executive, Director of Operations and Creative Strategist in SocialGrooves.com and as Director of Digitally.asia . He is currently the founder and CEO of Kendy Life Creative.

Through his brand, he has won several awards for his works. He has also conducted doodle workshops and keynote speeches for Malaysia and international countries like Australia, USA, UK, Philippines and Singapore. Presently, he is the official Malaysian ambassador of Sakura Color Japan, a well-respected stationeries company.

“My intention is to create a story or a doodle work every time I draw an empty paper or a canvas. This gives me never-ending room to grow and experiment with my art.” – Kendrick Ng

Digital Media & Content Creation

From logo to booklet, I design various designs for both offline and online marketing. Which includes invitation cards, banners, buntings, flyers, newsletters, magazines, booklets and many more!

It also allowed me to be much more active in content creation. Anyone with access to computers and the Internet can participate in social media and contribute their own writing, art, videos, photography and commentary to the Internet, as well as conduct business online. And that is what I do!

Photography and Video

My passion for photography has allowed me to be more patient and creative in life. The little things and memories captured in each photo I create are true, magnificent. Besides photography, I also do video editing as well (And yup, I do have a youtube channel if you are curious) – Extra: I love to travel as well if I had the chance!


The bread and butter to all my works. I love to doodle since the age of 5, therefore I always walk with a sketching pen inside my bag. Everywhere I go, my doodles followed me.

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Kendylife 16th Anniversary
Kendylife in AniManGaki 2021
Kendylife Online Market
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